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Saturday Evening

Service for the Ordering of Ministry

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Saturday evening featured A Service for the Ordering of Ministry.

Bishop Lewis led the opening prayer then led the Recognition of our Shared Ministry and Reaffirmation of Baptism. This was followed by the Presentation of Persons to be Ordained, Recognized, Commissioned and Licensed.

All Laity:
We have recommended them in our local congregations. We present them with our prayers and support.

Members of the Board of Ordained Ministry, led by Rev. John R. Hall:               
We have examined these candidates according to the standards of our Discipline and this annual conference of The United Methodist Church. We present them with our prayers and support.

All Deacons in Full Connection, led by Rev. Jason C. Stanley:               
We present these persons for ordination and commissioning as deacons. We present them with our prayers and support.

All Elders in Full Connection, led by Rev. M. Lynne Alley-Grant:                      
We present these persons for ordination and commissioning as elders. We present them with our prayers and support.

All Local Pastors and Associate Members, led by Rev. Michael T. Davis:               
We present this person for recognition as an Associate Member, and we present these persons for licensing as local pastors.  We present them with our prayers and support.

The Rev. Jason Stanley read the Scripture from Luke 6:12-19.

  Bishop Watson

Bishop B. Michael Watson, retired in the SEJ, was the evening's preacher. His sermon topic: "But, I Haven't Finished Yet."

"This is a remarkable service," he said. "I wish that all United Methodists could experience an ordination service. This is a defining time for individuals and the church. It is occasion of great challenge and great celebration."

He then asked ALL the Christian ministers to stand. "It's all of us," he said. "All of us that remember our baptism. We are baptitzed into ministry. We are baptized to serve Christ. Everyone of us must stand."

He prayed that the service would remind everyone of their call into ministry.

However, among the baptized there are those who are set apart. "This is a special assignment. This is where we will focus our attention tonight."

"Jesus came to reconcile all people to God," Watson said. "This is the unique role of Christ and it is now the unique role of the people of the church." He said people must be brought into the presence of God.

To those who are being recognized tonight, Bishop Watson said, "I want  you to hear this. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do. You are sent, you are called, and you wonder."

He told the story about Larry Walters who would sit in his lawn chair in his back yard and consume his six-pack of beer. One day he had a new idea to tie helium balloons to his lawn chair so he could get a better view of his neighborhood. He was a truck driver, not an engineer. He didn't know how many balloons he'd need so he purchased weather balloons and packed sandwiches, more beer, and a BB gun. Larry shot up into the air 11,000 feet. He was so stunned he never shot any of the balloons. He was spotted by a pilot at the Los  Angeles airport and the pilot reported the sighting of Larry. Rescue craft were sent up and the got Larry safely back down to the ground. He was asked if he was scared. They asked him why he did it. "Well, you can't just sit here." He got that right, said Bishop Watson. "We can't just sit here and do nothing. We cannot just be. We are called to perform. We are called to do. We need to be elevated in our thinking and our doing. God is calling you to make God's appeal for reconciliation for the whole world."

Bishop Watson said, "Christian ministry is a wonderful gift."

Bishop Watson said, "I can talk to you about the frustrations of ministry. I can talk to you about the frustrating people." But he reminded those gathered of the wonderful times of births and baptisms.  At confirmations, at graduations, at premarital counseling, at marriages. And also at times of great loss, of divorce, at death. "There is no more holy moment than when someone transitions to the life eternal," said Bishop Watson.

What holy privileges are available to clergy, he asked. God enables through the power of the Holy Spirit. "What a holy, holy privilege. You will have that privilege. You will decide what you do with it."

Bishop Watson talked about Bishop Carl J. Sanders who is from Virginia. Sanders ordained him and "preached as powerfully as anyone I've know."

Sanders' widow gave Bishop Watson some of his sermons. In one of the sermons, Sanders told a story. In 1881, Booker T. Washington came to a new school in Alabama. He found only a leaky old church and 30 students. He taught them to read and write and how to make brick. For 15 years Washington labored but became discouraged. The land was scant, the children were half-starved and superstitions reigned. Washington heard about a black teacher who was called a genius. Washington wrote to Dr. George Washington Carver at Iowa State saying he couldn't offer him money or fame. He offered him hard, hard work and the task of bringing people to full humanity. Dr. Carver read the letter and scribbled three words and signed his name. He sent the letter to Washington. It simply said, "I will come." Nothing else. No date. No comments. Carver told the president of Iowa State about the letter. "He's asking you to give up money position and fame," the college president said, "but in their place he's offering you immortality." The president shook Carver's hand and said, "Go. Go with God." Tuskegee Institute and indeed the world were transformed.

Bishop Watson ended his sermon saying, "We say to you tonight with love and affection, 'Go. Go with God.' Amen."

  Devon Maust Earle is ordained elder.

Following the ordering ceremony, Bishop Lewis asked people to pray and invited anyone who may have a stirring of call to come forward for prayer and a continued discernment about their call to ministry.

Licensing as Local Pastors
Kristie Ann Askew
Deborah Forrest Baugham
Devon Michelle Killian Blair
Rachel Rebecca Chen
Janet Lee Davis
Hillary Ann Evans
David Rodney Gaylor, Jr.
Jonathan Steven Greer
Joshua Martin Hagstrom
Shawna N. Hiner
Christine Lynn Ridings Holly
Linda D. Hudgins
Edward Wayne Johnson
Ho Kang
Hodae Kim
YoungMin Kim
Brian Charles Lamb
Un Ju Tarah Lee
Carrie Denise Moffitt
Leisa N Moreno Howard
Blair Christian O’Quinn
Walter Lambuth Pierce, Jr.
Jonathan Franklyn Poarch
Anthony Todd Rivetti
Andrew Holden Schwartz
John W. Senters
Hyun Bum (Tommy) Suh
Owen Mays Taylor
Forrest Benjamin Teague
Ryan Ware
Lauren Elizabeth Wright
Han Yi

Commissioning as Provisional Members
Mi Sook Ahn
Jay Lewis Campbell
James Anthony Ginther, Jr.
Justin Andrew Hicks
Arum Kim
Yosub Namgung
Sarah Elizabeth Payne
Rachel Gordon Plemmons
Matthew Grayson Potter
Christopher Charles Watson
Katherine Carson Webster

Ordination as Deacon
Timothy Sean Craft
Caitlin Rose Delamar

Ordination as Elder
Esther Naana Agbosu
Caitlyn Fox Bailey
Devon Maust Earle
Andrew Stanton Ensz
Amy Elizabeth Grant
Keon Huh
Chinhyo Dan Kim
David Brent Levy
Michelle Dee Louk
James Benson McGlone
Brandon Tyler Nichols
Ryan Steven Oswald
Matthew Blair Sergent
Brian J. Simmons
Christa Mercer Springstead
Gayle Martin Thornberry
Edward Joseph Tucker Varner
Kameron Michael Wilds
Seung Hae Yoo-Hess

Recognition of Orders
Ralph K. Hawkins
Taewon Kang

Lineage for Consecration
John Wesley
Thomas Coke, consecrated 1784
Francis Asbury, consecrated 1784
William McKendree, consecrated 1808
William Capers, consecrated 1846
Holland Nimons McTyeire, consecrated 1866
Elijah Hoss, consecrated 1902
Paul B. Kern, consecrated 1930
Paul A. Duffey, consecrated 1980
G. Lindsey Davis, consecrated 1996
Sharma D. Lewis, consecrated 2016

  Bishop Lewis invited even the youngest partipcants at conference to come
  forward if they felt a call to ministry.

The United Methodist Church traces its roots back to the ministry vision and leadership of John Wesley, an Anglican priest who called all people into a vital, active faith in Christ and sparked the church renewal movement known as the Methodists. Thomas Coke and Francis Asbury were ordained to spread the gospel in a new nation on the North American continent, and since then, the leaders of the movement have carried on the gospel ministry through the centuries and around the world. All those licensed, commissioned, recognized or ordained tonight now take their place in this heritage.


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